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Liz, Co-Owner
Aixa, Mascot
Liz is a passionate animal lover with several years of experience in care-giving.  She pays attention to the individual needs of each dog and seems to have the ability to help them relax.
Aixa is a sweet, happy, well-socialized dog.  She loves meeting new people and dogs and likes nothing better than some good play.  If that isn't your dog's thing, we've got you covered. We can easily and comfortably ensure your dog gets some peace and quiet.
Doggone Vacations is a family-owned, Austin-based, limited liability company.  Our many years of experience include caring for dogs from the puppy stage to the gracefully geriatric. We know how important your pets are to you, because we feel that way, too.  We've experienced the frustration and dissatisfaction of the typical kennel facility.  That's why we offer something better than the usual concrete jungle of cages and noise.

We specialize in treating each dog like the unique and special individual they are.  We pay attention to what they need and enjoy.  Liz has been told that she has a calming effect on animals, and Michael is a master of play.  Our experience comes from raising our own pets and from meeting the rigorous requirements for fostering dogs for a local rescue group.  Our job then was to help those pups become happy, healthy, confident members of canine society.  Now our job is to keep your dogs happy and safe.   

Our best ambassador is our dog, Aixa.  She's our sweet girl from a local rescue group. We like to think our philosophy of patience, consistency, and play helped shape her into the friendly, happy dog she is.  She welcomes new friends into her home and is skilled at moderating her play to fit the other dogs' energy.  Of course, all play is supervised!

About Doggone Vacations
We treat your dog like family.
We treat your dog like family.
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